Spring cleaning. Don’t forget your bathroom drawers!

But they're so little and smell good!

But they’re so little and smell good!

We all have them, and if you are like me, you probably have way more of them than and one person should own. I’m talking about toiletry products. Shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, masks, toners, the whole rainbow of what make-up advertises, hotel samples that are just so cute you just had to take them home, and the list continues. Whether you collected those fancy bottles over the ages because they were pretty, fell victim to the infamous well I’ll probably use this someday, or you were suckered into one too many marketing gimmicks, fear not, there is hope.

I recently took note of items I don’t use and was overwhelmed by the amount of products purchased that I just don’t need. I am pretty low maintenance, never use hairspray, yet I’ve collected quite the beauty store. Enough is enough. It is time clear everything out, dumping everything I don’t use. Call it spring cleaning.

With a box full of neglected items, my heart sank with the thought of “what do I do with all of this?” Throwing them into the dumpster was out of the question (I have this weird thing about everything I throw in the trash I picture sitting on top a massive waste pile and my stomach turns – needless to say I’m a big recycler) and everything in this box was still useful. What a waste!

Large box FULL of products.

Large box FULL of products.

So, I took to the internet and reached out to a local battered women’s shelter and asked if these items were things they could use. Just because I don’t want them or need them doesn’t mean someone else feels the same. Within 10 minutes I received a reply that they would love the donation! Within a couple days, I dropped the box off and now my bathroom is clear and women getting back on their feet can enjoy what I was going to throw away.

The moral of this story: Collect those pesky bottles you don’t use that are just taking up space. Reach out to your local homeless shelter or women’s shelter and see if they could use your donation. Clears our your bathroom drawers, keeps the products out of landfills, and you can give them to someone who will be really grateful to have the items. Win, win, win! Feels awesome all around. DO IT!


3 thoughts on “Spring cleaning. Don’t forget your bathroom drawers!

  1. This warms my heart!! I used to do the exact same thing, pass along items to the local women’s shelter. I majored in Social Work at MTSU, and domestic violence is a sad topic I have been interested in for years, wrote my thesis on the subject. But that’s a good idea, they need all the help they can get! Looking forward to reading your future endeavors!

    • Hi Cathy,

      Thanks for sending your comment and my apologies for the very late response. Took a break from the blog world. I think that is outstanding you wrote your thesis on domestic violence. It is a very sad and difficult topic, but it is something that only wins if people stay silent about it. If you’d be willing to share, I would love to read your thesis on the topic.

      All my best,

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