When hunger strikes

Standing in the office break room, I couldn’t help but stare longingly at the fresh bagels that had been delivered this morning. They looked pristine in their double wrapping of plastic and were soft to the touch, a sure sign of freshness. I brought leftovers for breakfast and a salad for lunch, but this week had been rough and a pizza bagel would sure hit the spot. Melted cheese on a crisp golden bagel toasted to perfection. Mmmmm, yes please!

As my mind and stomach debated the first world problem of whether or not to eat a bagel, I looked out the window and down into the back ally of the building. Amongst the garbage and recycling bins a man in a large hat, dark poncho, and dirty white sneakers was opening up the lids and searching diligently through their contents. After thoroughly exploring the final garbage bin, he began to walk away defeated and empty handed.

I felt my stomach rumble and a little pang of hunger reminded me that I still had not eaten my breakfast. If I felt hungry, with food at my disposal, I could only imagine the way his stomach might feel. Bagels in hand I ran down the back staircase, out the door, and into the alley in hot pursuit. After a few attempts to get his attention, he finally turned around. “We had a few extra today” I said as I handed him the bag. He said thank you. I wished him a good day. And we turned and went our separate ways 

My co-workers can live without their bagels today.


6 thoughts on “When hunger strikes

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  2. Kelly,

    I love this story not just because it is a beautiful moment you helped to create- also because it shows that we each do change the world in what we choose to do- or not do- in each moment. Simple acts of goodness ripple outward in unknowable ways.

    Thank you.

    We’ve connected on Twitter and I’m now happy to follow your writing here.


    • Hi Tom,

      Thank you for your comment. Really made my day. Well, made my whole weekend! I strongly believe it is little moments like these made by individuals in the world that has the power to really create change and make a positive difference in our communities. You said it best, “Simple acts of goodness ripple outward in unknowable ways.”

      Thanks for reading and following. Looking forward to reading more of your blog, too!


  3. Sometimes we perform acts of kindness thinking we are changing the other person`s life, the recipient of our ¨goodwill.¨ I think this is true, but more importantly we are transforming ourselves. With every act we become a little less selfish, and more ¨others¨ aware. This is the true blessing.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

      Yes, I agree this is “side affect” of a person’s goodwill, but I believe that only helps that person lead their life as an example for others to do good of their own, as well. And I couldn’t agree more: becoming more others aware is the best personal change I think one can have.

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